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When it comes to buying property in Mozambique, myths and misconceptions abound.

However, in reality, it’s completely possible for a foreign citizen to buy and OWN property in Mozambique. That’s right, it’s yours forever, and you can keep it in your family or company forever and a day.

In doing so, we ensure that all legalities of the transaction are met, thereby protecting your investment and assuring you of peace of mind.

All ancillary services such as obtaining VISAS, Work Permits, Car Registrations, Re-location of Pets and more are offered by Move to Moz as well. No matter your budget or objective, we will help you every step of the way in realising your vision.

Move to Moz facilitates the process, every step of the way.


Move to Moz provides a convenient resource to potential home buyers and investors.

reasons to move

Even though Mozambique is a small country, it boasts a wide variety of attractions that would make anyone glad to call it home. Sun, Surf and a helping community all form part of Mozambique.

Mozambique has arguably some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Calm and alluring, they are perfect for individuals and families to enjoy snorkelling, surfing, sun-bathing and more.

Mozambique’s economy is growing at 7% p/a and is pegged to grow at over 17% per annum from 2020, when it’s major gas projects reach the stage of commercialisation. Farming, Medical, Construction and Tourism remain extremely lucrative areas of opportunity. You are also able to earn is US Dollars, Brittish Pound, Euro or South African Rand, as they are all widely accepted legal tender.

Mozambique is famous for the low cost of living. Everything from petrol (Less than R10/l), Electricity (R0,65/kWh), Labour, Food and Entertainment to Taxes.

World-renown for it’s pristine reefs and abundance of fish, Mozambique is the ocean lover’s dream destination. World record fish have been caught in these waters, and they play home to global research inititatives such as the Marine Megafauna Foundation, thanks to the abundance of Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales and other giants which inhabit the waters.

Mozambique is not just about the beaches however. Going inland, the countryside is sure to take your breath away, and you can spend days in Big 5 game reserves without ever wanting to leave.

Move 2 Moz is an initiative which sets out to dispel the myths and misconceptions about property living in Mozambique.
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