About US

Move to Moz is an initiative which sets out to dispel the myths and misconceptions which surround buying property in Mozambique.

We’re a Mozambican property specialist. Whether you are looking to sell, rent or buy property in Mozambique, we are here for you!

By combining the skills and services of Mozambique’s most learned and experienced professionals, we’ve created a team that provides end-to-end solutions on all aspects of Mozambican property and investments.

  • Applications for land extensions and municipal services
  • Buying and selling of property in Mozambique
  • Verification of property ownership, transfers etc
  • Property research


Sales, Acquisitions and Rentals of properties in Mozambique


Applications for company registrations, land extensions, and municipal services.


Verification of Title Deeds, Transfer Documents and Tax Payments.


Research into pricing, locations, usage rights and affiliated services.